Thursday, July 16, 2009

Announcements and such

We were able to really surprise the parents, no one had any clue which was really awesome because a ton of people knew. We still had my fathers day card for my step dad so we forced a meeting with him and my mom to give him his "present". Included was a note to tell my mom we were pregnant, but he forgot his glasses so thankfully they got the hint when he opened the bag with bibs in it. Later, we met my dad and my step mom at their house for dinner and our job was to bring dessert. I had a cake make at a grocery store that said congrats grandpa and grandma and in tiny letters, march 16, 2010. We were able to last an hour and a half through conversation and dinner before I had to get the cake out of the box and show them. I set it down as my dad was eating and he stopping chewing once he read the words. It was really sweet and I'm glad we had this oppurtunity to finally surprise them.

Symptom checker:
- boobs small again, still sore
- Bumpy nipples. (if it's tmi- screw you! It's my blog! Haha)
-my torso is so veiny, you can roadmap my veins straight to my uterus.
-yawning alot! But not tired.


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  1. aw, that's such an awesome idea (the cake). Will this be their first grandchild?? that's flippin sweet!

    lol to your "if it's tmi" comment. :)

  2. That's nice. I will trade you my awful gas for your veiny boobs.

  3. I forgot to mention gas! Not nearly what you are going through but it's there in the mix.