Thursday, May 26, 2011

37-38 weeks

Depends on the date you go by...but damn, there is no baby yet. I had an appt today and no dilation, no effacement. Amazing.

I had to stop working as of Saturday due to extreme dizziness and my job not being interested in that can of worms if something were to happen while I was on the clock, so I am officially a stay at home mama until August.

I need to figure something out income wise, I am thinking about starting up a two under two blog but am unsure how the process is going to work with the whole two needy kids, especially in the beginning, but besides one or two blogs I've found, there isnt much information I can find. I think it would be good to get something going for those moms seeking it. Hey maybe it would make some money.

I don't know that anyone is reading this anymore, as I took off six months and then promised posts daily only to deliver once a week maybe, but hey...I'm trying to deliver a baby over here... sorry!

As we know no baby is planning on arriving this week, or in May in general...I have at least a week to come up with this new blog and maybe even play a little in the rain with my daughter since there is no sun to be found around here in the NW. We shall see!

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