Sunday, April 17, 2011

When I've been continued...

So on to the majority of the last seven months or so...

Maddie got her first two teeth in the same day at 6 months, and has continued on this pattern for any new teeth. This is kinda nice because we only have to deal with teething for a few days here and there. So far she has 6 teeth.

She crawled at 9 months, and walked at 11 months. We are currently learning how to crawl up stairs so mama doesn't have to carry her.

No more bottles, no more formula! We cave on the binky abit. She didn't have much interest in it, but she is a tough girl to put down for naps and car rides so we have created a bit of a monster by offering her the binky as a pacifier during those times.

Still working on words, she has said bye in conjunction with waving once, and says mama but it means a variety of things (I want, I'm sad, I'm upset). Doggie is really her first true word, she loves loves loves our crazy psycho dog Sadie who tolerates her because of the food droppings she provides. We thought our lovey boy beagle would follow her and be her best friend, but he wants nothing to do with her and has twice growled at her when he has been tired. My thought is to get rid of him because I don't want the risk, but my hubs is sure it won't be a problem.

Maddie really is fabulous. She is beautiful and funny and a handful all in one. This is by far my favorite age as she squeals with delight and smiles most of the time. pregnancy thus far.

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