Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Are we there yet?

Oh dear gawd. Im still pregnant.

Let me confuse you.
40weeks 3days - last menstrual period.
39weeks 5days - conception date.
39weeks 0days - 8 week ultrasound.

I wish we had a bloody timer (belly button would be my obvious choice...mine pops out at like 36 weeks) that gave us an indication on when delivery is imminent. I am so freaking tired, it's ridiculous. I ended up finding out I was severely anemic which is better then preclampsia but still pits me against dizziness and pure exhaustion, added to the rest of the crazy list.

The phone calls have started, and texts, and Facebook "soooooo? Baby?" alerts. I really keep everyone up to date so I'm not sure why people think I wouldn't update immediately that my world had changed and an infant was brought into this world. Next person to ask gets a "yah, baby was born a week ago, doing great, thanks for asking!" and see if that answers their question!

Having left work so early, I'm freaking out over bills...but there isn't really anything I can do till this baby is born. My insurance will pay me a lump sum based on days admitted overnight, like an Alfa.c thing, but since I haven't had this kid yet, no money! Hopefully soon right.

I spent three days with blocks of time of full on contractions, getting as close together as 3 minutes, but since I know there is often a mess to go with it, I knew they weren't going anywhere. I decided against going into labor and delivery, now I regret it because it would sure have made things easier to go through knowing.at least there was progress.

Hopefully by the time I post again it will be with a baby. Here's wishing.

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