Tuesday, May 10, 2011

35 weeks

This was one busy week, my birthday and mothers day...plus a baby shower or two to attend (only one was for me). We started off the week with a bang! I was out to lunch with my brother and SIL, maddie was sitting on my lap because she was being feisty and decided to arch her back so fast she fell off my lap and onto the hardwood floor of the place. 10 minutes of crying later and we managed to gain the attention of everyone there She also spit up from all the tears, not a concussion, but just from being so upset so i had the eyes of many staring down the girl who already looks too young to have one kid, let alone another on the way. Thankfully later that night we made up for it with a marvelous trip to the melting pot for a big birthday dinner...I only say marvelous for the food, because for how often and how expensive this place is, the service this time was below kosher. It's a fondue place that we normally visit for the happy hour, but did the big dinner with about 6 of us being that it was my 30th. The waiter sucked ass, but the food was worth it and I went home feeling more like an overstuffed sausage casing than a human.

Our weekend seemed to get better. We had a mini sprinkle shower since this is our second, so close together, and another girl. My mom did a great job and we are now well stocked with enough formula and diapers for the first few months of life (those same months I will be incomeless, so although I am not religious...we were really blessed in that regard). What a huge weight off my shoulders!

The new toddler room is nearly finished. I'll have to post about that separately. I have some reviews on what we got...enough of a complaint to consider starting a blog solely for reviewing merch. Again, feels good to be complete in that department. I took maddie into the room after the dr sues.s decals were up and she just kept giggling and pointing to everything. I think it's a hit. I just hope she's ready for a toddler bed.

So, 4 weeks by my doctors thoughts and anytime in my head we could have ourselves a baby. I get long bouts of contractions and swelling when I overdue it. Plus this kid is killing me with the movement around my cervix. I imagine its due to the breech position, still getting monster strong kicks to the vaj all of the time!

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