Monday, April 18, 2011

This pregnancy sucks

So now that we've gone through what's happened with Maddie and the joy/scare of a new pregnancy, I believe its time to be absolutely truthful about this pregnancy.

It stinks. Had we known the complications that would hit me like a shit ton of bricks in a 2nd pregnancy, we likely would have chosen to have an only child or hire a surrogate or adopt, anything other than being pregnant.

Besides the normal morning sickness and heartburn, which is nothing worth discussing in all it's normality, I have been laid up with all types of fun body issues from month 2 onward. The painful varicose veins that could compete with my 80 year old grandma's started up and are the most heinous part of this pregnancy. Only on my right leg (weird) they start at my toes and are all the way up to my uterus. My ankle swells to a baseball of spider and varicose veins if I stand on it for more then a minute or two and causes my leg to turn purple, plus the stinging of needles...painful painful needles. I was able to get some prescription support hose that help with the pain and keep me working, but nothing takes away how amazing my 30 year old leg looks. After my 6 week postpartum checkup, I will be meeting with a vein surgeon to fix the harden veins that riddle my leg.

And then there's the blood peeing. Somehow I don't have any uti issues, but about once a month I pee straight blood and end up in labor and delivery with bladder cramping. The doctor says it's just part of my awesome pregnancy issues that should go away after the baby comes.

I also measure small again, so ultrasounds are aplenty in this household. So far I've only been able to gain 12 pounds, but the baby is measuring fine so all is good there.

There's more, but damn I'm tired.

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