Monday, July 25, 2011

This is what happens with two kids...

Things get forgotten, or pushed so far down the priority list it's crazy. Take this blog for instance, 6+ weeks ago I blabbered on and on about still being pregnant. Now, look at me...I am a tired, cranky, and adoring mother of two.

I'm pretty sure one of the two sleeping angels is about to wake up so this will have to be short and sweet.

Lili came into this world on June 10th, after 8 hours of labor and 6 pushes. The delivery and recovery were much easier then my first was. Good gawd, nevermind just one much...its a million times much easier.

She came out with blue eyes that to this day are still perfectly blue and fair skin that will hate the sun just like her mother. It was awesome. My first, Maddie, is as olive and dark eyed as her father. People swore up and down we were destined to have a repeat of the same, I was happy to prove them wrong.

We did have some issues to deal with, it seems Maddie was trouble inside the womb and this kid is trouble outside. I'll discuss next post...there are some munckins that have awoken.

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