Friday, April 22, 2011

Hots and tots

I've been Mia (already I know) because maddie has had her first fever. It scared the living bajesus out of us when it hit 103, so we got into the doctor within the hour and they could give us no explanation. No teething, no ear infections, nothing that would indicate a fever should be there. We have been chalking her full of tylenol and dealing with her grumpies. She still has the fever, if it's persistent and around on Monday we get to take her to the hospital for a clean catch of pee to see if it's a bladder infection. Mama has apparently passed down only the best of her good genes.

It hits at the most glorious time as we wanted to head out of town this weekend for a quick little r and r before baby two hits town. (6-7 weeks left...Omg!)

Here's hoping that the trip goes relatively trips to l&d or ers!

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