Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A barrel of good ol times.

Maddies fever eventually went away. Although she cut two back
molars during that time, I think she actually had a viral infection. Her fever lasted three days at 102-103 degrees, but she had no other symptoms. Then when it broke, she had a heat rash all over her trunk and on the back of her neck. I dr googled it and there is a very common viral thing that is called the "three day fever" or roseloa (sp?). It happens to alot of toddlers and infants. I'm just glad it's over. Nothing like wasting a 20 copayment to figure it out on my own days later. Ha, bladder infection!

In new baby news, I just have 6 weeks left, if not less. Last time we had everything ready to go at month 5... This time I think we may have a pack of diapers around here somewhere. At least I have a list written down, but half I can't do (paint, install items in maddies toddler room so baby can have the nursery) and the other half I can't afford to do so that's awesome. At work, we all bonus at the end of the month if we exceed our goal which was great until they started raising the goal so now we no longer bonus at all. This started about four months ago and decreased my income by 30%. Now, I'm on decreased work time due to my leg, so that's another 50% decrease...let's just say I'm ridiculously broke now. All in the few months I was planning to stockpile the freezer, buy baby things, and pay a few bills in advance so I'm not stressed out while on leave. No fmla or short term disability pay while I'm out because it's a newer job (started pretty much at 6 wks pregnant)...I totally regret that now.

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