Friday, April 15, 2011

Well, I barely made it...

Thankfully, and only in this circumstance, heartburn kept me up long enough to fulfill my promise to post each day.

So, where to begin...

Probably best to fill you in on the last 7 months. My last post was announcing the adventure of another being added to this little family. How it happened I have no clue... We tried and tried for Maddie, yet somehow got pregnant when we had only DTD twice in the month (hey! We were busy!) and charting it to not get pregnant. We were on a little vacation to Texas and I was expecting to enjoy some margaritas by a pool, not buying pregnancy tests and wondering why my period wasnt present on the trip. The hubbs and I were not originally thrilled, it was alot of oh shits and omgs. I had been pondering moving closer to home with my job, maybe with clin.que, maybe not. I just decided to take a position with another company during the So the timing was wayyyy less then perfect. Plus we had a 6 month old. A 6 MONTH old! A teething, almost crawling ball of energy.

Plus, my body hadn't really recovered yet from trauma number one, which as this pregnancy progressed, became more and more self evident as it's taken a whole new life of "whoa is me's".

To be continued...

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