Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Disposable vs Cloth

When determining how expensive this little bundle of goodness is really going to be, an important thing to consider is the diaper dilemma.

From what I can gather (and please tell me to shut up and give me the right answer if any of this is incorrect) babies average 70-80 diapers per week the first month, with the numbers decreasing as the months go on. Not looking at the environmental aspects of cloth vs disposable, I have come up with a breakdown of it all.

Cloth diapers initial cost = $300 -500 dollars, very little additional cost...

Cloth diaper service per month = 82.00 in my local area = $2400 over three years.

Disposable Diapers = $3000 over three years.

I never thought I'd be that person to actually consider cloth diapers. Usually I get all "eeeeww" about poo, but it seems cloth diapers have come a long way....and the diaper service is not a bad option. They also have flushable liners now to get the "eeeeww" part out of the diaper washing. I don't think I will really know where I sit on this one until I give it some more thought.

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