Thursday, March 26, 2009


Have you seen this? The Pledge Fabric Sweeper commercial just blasted on my tv...and I am smitten. Holy Cripe Batman! Not only will this have been amazing back when we had fabric sofas in the living room and a beagle (I'm talking to you Bustah!) that sheds like a lab....but for our now cat hair magnet of a bedspread....

Seriously. I will be picking this up tomorrow the moment I wake up. My biggest "I wonder" has always been the sheer amount of animal hair covering the floor and seemingly every surface of this house. A baby crawling around and putting god knows what in it's mouth has me dreaming of infants coughing up hair balls.

Hopefully, this new gadget will sit right next to my new the "Animal Hair Ninjas" section of the house.

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