Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bring on the Girls..

My husband has two younger sisters that occasionally come and visit with us for a weekend. It's almost like having nieces as they have such an age gap between them (Ash is 29 and they are 13 and 11). They are definitely a handful when they come, and it always sends me into a "boy mode" after.

Most older women I know, including Ash's mom, all recommend having boys. Girls are terrors during their teens from what I've been told and what I know from the kind of crazy I gave my mom during those precious tween years.

Yet, I still want a little girl to dress up and play with and a sweet hot pink nursery to set up. I can't seem to envision having a boy yet.

I've come to the conclusion lately that it would be best to just find out the sex at the birth, that way I am not disappointed at the ultrasound..... but I am still leaving it up to the hubby. If he wants to know, we will know....if he wants to wait, we will wait. Either way, it's better than me making the decision, I'll just change my mind a million times.

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