Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sick or...

Dammit, it's too early for symptoms, but I'm getting a little nausea from god knows what...and a headcold to end all headcolds. I spent the last three days at home, but still was able to get my butt to my weekly pub trivia extravaganza. Although we didn't win, we did have a good time...one that hopefully will be a last (at least for nine months, right?) Who wants to go do trivia when you're feeding, sleeping, and drinking for two? Drinking water at a pub.....I bet I'd get kicked out first!

Won't know about the bumpity bump until next week, funny enough the soonest I can test is April 1st....so it would be just in Melissa nature to announce it as an anti April Fools Joke....no one will believe me!

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