Sunday, March 29, 2009

A little background information..

With my new traffic widget, it seems I now know I am actually talking to someone, not just myself. As you might have browsed my blog, my posts have started out ramming away at the baby making thing without much of a beginning back story. It's probably best if you know a little about me and my life!

My husband and I met about 7 years ago on a night out on the town for both of us. I ran into some old high school acquaintances and noticed this handsome fellow among the group. We both went to the same high school, but different grades, and had known of each other through a variety of social gatherings and classes. He was a bit drunk that night (and met TWO Melissas, no less) and I had been the DD for my group so the chemistry was a bit off then... but I called him the next day and asked him out for a beer.

Two months later we were adopting a puppy together, three months we were living together. We lived in good ol' sin until 3 years had passed...he finally proposed on Christmas Eve. We had gotten extremely good tickets to a Seahawks game, the season they went to the Superbowl, and he got down on his knee before halftime. I didn't say yes...I said "oh shit, are you okay" thinking he had finally blown out his bad knee.

The wedding was simple, we had a blast. Onward to life, right? Two and a half years into marriage and we decide...."well, it wouldn't suck if we got pregnant anymore." Suck as in the financial suck, the bad timing suck, the is our marriage ready for this suck. I threw out the birth control pills and we started the process of the hurry up and wait pregnancy plan. As of today, we've been trying for 3 months, since January 6th to be exact. And, although, in most couples baby making time, this is nothing....I still am ready and waiting for this to happen!

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