Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trivs for Shivs...

Each week playing trivia is my main past time. This week we WON! $17 dollars each, booyah! The shitty part was we always have a celebration shot with the winnings, I got to toast with water!

We've actually won 6 or so times this year, and each time is just as sweet as the last. It's five topics a week, 10 questions per topic...

The best part of trivia at Paddy Coyne's is our name choosing ceremony held each week. Most teams keep the same name, but each week we try to find something more creative than the last as our new name. Not only does this eliminate us from the "haters club" (ie teams that win too much) but the announcer gives out the team scores after each round and just hearing him announce our name is fun itself.

Over the last year, our most memorable names have been:

Shamwow Hooker Beatdown (this week, dedicated to the shamwow guy news this week)
Jews for Jesus
Tacomatose (Tacoma is where trivia is)
Beaten with an umbrella ella ella eh
Sarah Palin doesn't believe in Dinosaurs

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