Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sweet sugary goodness

Prepare for a long post...I have plenty of time on my hands!

I am currently sitting here at my doctors office waiting for an hour to have my glucose measured for the gestational diabetes test. Or die-ya-beat-tes as that old actor from the commerical pronounces it. I drank the sappy sprite stuff and now it's the hurry up and wait portion of the evening.

If they would let us leave, there are a hundred or so things I could picture myself doing or items I could cross off my to do list. But they won't. Not even across the street to my mecca, target.

Before we got here, we had to return a Christmas Tree to costco due to a fire hazard burnt plug and our mission is to find a cheaper one at target, maybe using the rest of our new cash bounty to buy our remaining decorations we need for our house (stockings etc) or perhaps some diapers to add to the pile.

On the shower front, my mom has officially scheduled a small one for while our family is visiting during the holidays. I am thrilled to finally get the ball rolling. Not that I am a freak on the free present front... Just that this hiatus of buying baby stuff I have been put on is my ocd need to get everything just in case this baby comes early. Cause that could send me into a sugar induced coma just on it's own, no need for a flat sprite that's 90% sugar to do that trick.

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  1. that's lame that they didn't let you leave!! i got to leave for mine.

    Woot for plans...:)