Thursday, November 26, 2009

All that anxiety...

Worked up into a big ball of crazy last night. I was at work and started feeling tight and uncomfortable in my belly...then the s*%^ hit the fan. Not literally.

Sharp pains and some intense cramping that started putting me into a panic when they didn't go away and were more intense and seemed to be spaced out to where I could time them. It felt like i had ran a 5 hour marathon and had to double over due to side cramps I called the Doctor and he wanted me into labor and delivery right away to get checked out.

So, I drove in rush hour thanksgiving weekend traffic and didn't get to the hospital until almost an hour later (my work is 25 minutes from the hospital and 45 from my house). By the time I got there, the cramping had decreased but I was getting uterine cramping and short sharp cramps inbetween on my side. They hooked me up to a fetal monitor, did a cervix check and a full term test. Four hours of monitoring and they released me with the lecture "drink more water, rest more, do less".

They apparently had four of us with a march due date and similar complaints at the same time. I had the only girl and both nurses kept commenting on how strong and active the baby was, they were impressed. She didn't stop kicking the fetal monitor the entire time. I was grateful for the reassurance but it made me wonder about the other ladies in my situation on the same floor, I hope they all were sent home with a slap on the hand and not bad news.

This morning she was a little less active, but my morning violent nausea and headache told me she was clearly okay.

As my friend keep saying, I am baking a drama queen.

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