Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shut yo mouth.

Seriously. Why do people feel the need to express their opinion to pregnant ladies? If there is one thing I will learn from all of this is to keep my mouth shut and not offer my say in other peoples business. Lemme explain.

Pregnancy is different for everyone. So just cause you floated through the air glowing while pregnant 20 years ago does not mean I should be. Also, my pregnancy is not "hard" because I read too much or look up information....sometimes people have a harder time carrying a baby. I am not imagining the large ass veins that sting when I stand, or the newly added swollen ankles from working all day. Yes, I "read" my uti/kidney stone (whatever it was) into existance and my nausea until month six (knock on wood). So please...lady at work...I do not need your opinion and to be perfectly honest unless you are billing me 300 dollars an hour, I think I'll trust what my doctor and genetic counselor are saying before you. Thanks.

Random people - thank you for commenting on my size/weight gain/food preference/or guessing my due date for your amusement. I appreciate it. Yes, it's my fault that the baby is smaller than she should be because i am not eating enough or being off my feet more. Oh, and next time you comment on how small a pregnant women may not know she has just gotten bad or disappointing news that her baby isn't growing as fast as they want and gets to stay on high risk, causing her to go into panic attacks about stillborns or early arrivals or hell, freaking out in general.

OF's cause i am doing something wrong! It must be.


End of rant!

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