Saturday, December 5, 2009

The holiday conundrum

Do I spend money on the nursery or buy Christmas presents? I need to get those wall graphics ordered but I still have most of my list to do for Xmas. Not to mention two...count them TWO speeding tickets I have to pay for. Man, that second job would have come in handy about now. I have the opportunity to help them out on the one Saturday I have off during this holiday season... It seems a shame to put that one day to work but it is also some pocket money. On one hand it's 40 bucks I would probably make, on the other it's just 40 bucks! I need more like 500!

Anyhow, enough of that.

Normally we spend a good deal on Christmas, clearly this year is going to be less but I fight the urge to just bear down and just get people what I wanna get them. Take my grandparents for instance, usually we go and get them something they don't need, so I have resolved to just buy them Frangos and be done with it. Frangos are supposed to be a great gift, but I don't know if they would be offended by the small gift.

This is why I am starting to hate the holidays. So much agony over selection of a gift, making sure it doesn't offend or show we care about them less. I want to just make candy plates and be done with it all.

Oh well.

Three more months till babydom, focus Melissa focus.

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