Sunday, December 13, 2009

An extremely long day

It seems that this kid wants to be an only child. Badly.

I can't even fathom putting my mind and body through a second one of these unless I am a stay at home mom that can put my feet up when I need to.

Today was no different. It started out like any other. Tired, crampy, uncomfortable.
By one, I was starting to get those question mark cramps that hurt enough to question if they were bad cramps or normal just harsher. It turned into painful, crazy cramps and .... Tmi coming...

Peeing blood. Alot of it.

I ended up at my doctors for a same day visit. I was glad to find out they were available on a Sunday. They confirmed a uti. Apparently what would normally have me crying and simpering non pregnant is painless when pregnant. I didn't even know.

The doctor did measure the baby and check the heartbeat. He also told me she is laying diagonal instead of straight up and down...which was cool, because I had thought that was how she was. She moved alot for him and he commented on her "good" viability which was comforting.

I waddled onto work and am just now settling into bed. This weeks agenda is super low key with alot of footrests and water in my future. We have a few things scheduled but I am hoping I can spend alot of downtime just relaxing. I am also hoping I can kick this bladder thing in the butt.
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  1. I started taking CranActin (can get at Super Supplements) after my second UTI when pregnant with Tanner. No problems after that. Hope you feel better!