Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas is over...

I can't say I am not thankful it is. Stressful trying to get gifts people will like, the running around last minute and all day christmas visiting, and the time it takes to recoup! Ash and I were talking on the way down to see family, how a carseat would fit into a car full of presents, a dog crate, and two very anxious dogs. It's strange to think that next year there won't just be two of us, but three.

Madelyn had her own stocking at my moms house. Our stockings are labeled with baby pictures, hers was with an ultrasound shot. She received some sippy cups and hair bows. Later, at my dads, she got a Columbia vest and pink cameo jumpsuit from (my dads fave place). She also got a blanket, some clothes, and toys. She isn't even here yet and already raking in the presents.

The pink vest really put ash into a "omg this is real" moment for some reason. Not the crib, the ultrasounds...but a pink vest. Boys are strange. He is also starting to understand when I am tired or don't feel well, I think he is really trying to taking care of me when he can see how I feel. He's even patting the belly unconsciously when I kiss him goodbye in the morning (usually he is still asleep). It's pretty adorable.

Speaking of adorable, my nephew danger is visiting this week along with his parents (my siblings). Omg he is amazing. Giggly and smiles all day. I think he has cried all of three minutes this week. I have never seen such a happy go lucky kid. I only hope our child is as awesome as he is. What a cool kid.

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