Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blustery cold

15 degrees. That's the temp I drove to work in today. Which is funny becase I don't live in Alaska so I didn't sign up for this. This weather makes me realize that I may need a maternity coat to make it through this new "northwest style winter". We are used to semi cold, rainy Decembers with 4 days or so of snow. Not this no rain and windchills that rival Chicago.

The babe is moving and grooving. We were able to marvel at my belly as the punches came from everywhere. She is starting to get crazy active and no longer moves at a slow lovely pace but rather an all day fest. I passed the gestational diabetes screen with flying colors...take that old ladies that say sugar is bad during pregnancy... I love me some sugar and am and have been well equipped to process the fruit of the gods since my early days. Seriously, this author used to eat m&ms as an only source of nutrition for a good two years in college.

Only 99 days till my due date, and 8 days until the third trimester. How fast time has flown.

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