Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yay for the third trimester!

Rounding third base and heading for home plate. This is all becoming so real and so quick! We were able to see Madelyn on the big screen yesterday, she is about 2 lbs and 2 oz and seems to be growing great. A little small (37% percentaile) so they want to keep watching...more ultrasounds! Which is both a good and a bad thing....we get to see her every 4 weeks, bad news is the sheer cost of it all! They forgot to bill our insurance for the first high risk one, we got the bill in the mail for 1400.00! Jesus.

I am really starting into the super uncomfortable stage, filled with leg cramps, waddling on a bad nerve, and stretching that almost hurts just sitting here. That uti cleared up so quickly, I am pretty sure it was actually a kidney stone. I've had one other one in my life and it was pretty painful, but once it was out, it seemed to go away.

In baby stuff news, I am lucky enough to have two cousins just finishing with their infant girl stuff and a brother with his infant boy stuff...being last in the bunch is also like hitting the jackpot! I helped out one cousin yesterday with her holiday cookies and walked away with bags of goods with the promise of more if I need it. How awesome.

So far the things I haven't had to buy -
A swing
A breast pump
An extra carseat (for Ashs car)
A sling (whohoo!)

Now if only I can locate a babysitting guru that wants to swap my need for Friday nights/Saturday nights for some weekday help!

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  1. my daughter was the 9th girl on my dh's side, so baby girl clothes were given to us every time we went home! it was awesome!!

    I hope your 3rd trimester goes smoothly and that you are getting rest when you can :)

  2. Breast pumps can be very dangerous to share unless it is one where the milk never comes in contact with the machine but just stays in the tubes. They don't even reccommend using the same one for your next child.

  3. It's one that you just replace the tubing and suctions with. The pump component is not touching the milk whatsoever.