Monday, June 8, 2009

To buy or to not buy....


I know from earlier posts that the whole pregnancy test thing might be worthless, and I say might be because I think I willed myself into believing my body won't show positive on a test like my mom....who conceived 4 unplanned children "just by looking at someone."

But I still can't seem to release the feeling of wanting to test, just in case.

Plus, now that I know I don't have that magical 29 day cycle thing, I could start tomorrow or a week from now. Thanks body! I can't wait to run to the bathroom, tampon in hand 15 times a day!

I am trying to come up with a game plan now that I have a new doctor and a brighter outlook (okay, a dim outlook, but it's better than dark) on this whole thing... see post here.

New things to try and ways to no longer save the money I was saving by stealing groceries -

Basal Thermometer
First Response Fertility Test
First Response Ovulation Test

Any thoughts on these?


  1. You could do em but I never bothered. I know some people are huge fans of taking their temperatures but since I work shift work and never sleep undisturbed I did not bother.

    I think I would not bother with the other stuff either, unless you were just kind of doing it on a lark.

  2. I refuse to chart my temps. REFUSE! I have enough things to obsess about, I so dont need another.
    I used the clear blue easy digital ovulation things. Also because I couldnt take obsessing over whether or not the lines was the right color. With the digital one, you get a smiley face, or you get nothing. No guessing for me.