Saturday, June 6, 2009

Caught myself

I checked the calendar and I think I'm at 10 days past ovulation. I should be slapped on the hand. Why do I put myself through this torture?

Standing in the time out corner.

Thankfully, with last month's mistaken symptoms, I think I learned my lesson. My gigantic sore boobs and sweet tooth are just signs my period is on the way. Not that I'm surprised at this point.

Such is life.

(in grocery news, I managed to get 190 worth of groceries for about 40 bucks!)

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  1. It took me years of BFNs to accept that we would not get pregnant without intervention.

  2. I'm always catching myself doing this! Argh! Why do the symptoms have to be so similar? (I think I've complained about this before on your blog - and I think I remember suggesting that perhaps our stomachs could turn blue or pink when we're pregnant. Still think it's a good idea :0))