Friday, June 26, 2009

I am Jack's Mental Angst


A few things I'd lime to rant about for a minute.

1. Grocery stores and their "deals"

If you advertise a special, please stock it. And to those ladies out there trying to coupon... Stop fucking it up for the rest of us. When you take all 60 of an item at one store and do this at ALL the local stores, you have not only beat the system, you have wasted my gas and my time so I could get just 5 of those.....5 is how many we would actually eat in a month... not your crazy ass stockpile to last you until the end of time.

2. Working 12 hours shifts

I can't say no and for this I should beat my own ass. I am so tired I couldn't if I wanted too. Trying to make a baby is nill in this whole never have time of my own or even seeing my husband...and FORGET sleeping or keeping the house clean. People always say my house never needs to be cleaned, I am sure they would eat their words now.

3. I am done with pets!

After Sadie, my patience has been worn thin and it's only getting worse. She seems to be better now (wow, doggie aspirin is a miracle) but everytime I turn around there is pee or POOP in my house! My dogs were soooo well trained before, I don't know what's going on. AND when I clean it up, I turn around and someone has puked. Sweeet. PITA is another story, why she chose to pee on our laundry this last week, I will never know, but it would be nice to kick her out of the house so if anyone wants a peeing cat, you just let me know.


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  1. Gah! Sorry about the ladies taking the coupons to the max, to the extreme.

    Do you have a day off anytime soon??

    word to having pets. i'm tired of cleaning up after them!!