Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Working for the weekend

My second job loves me.

They want me to go full time but the whole point of a second job is to have more money...not less. It's just a lower wage than I can handle as an only job. I've also got to tell him no about extra hours, I am just at my boiling point and could use one day off a week to actually be a day off. Thursday I had alot to do before my afternoon shift with them, a long list that really needs to be done so I can have a garage sale I've been planing for a while. But, he needs me to work a full open to close which leaves me with nearly no time to gather my things and get my head straight.

Hopefully he'll understand. I want to help him because he's a small biz guy that really could use some positive help around the place... but I just can't.

In my month of crazy, I am going full swing into this whole drink if I wanna, eat what I wanna, and spend money on myself...if I wanna.
I needed a break from it all. Too much disappointment. I know that the folks who actually read this have experienced much worse and for much longer, so I feel like one of these breaks every 6 months may be in order so I don't become a crazed negative person no one wants to listen to. (both in real life and in blog life)


  1. It is important to take care of yourself and remember that there is more to life than getting pregnant.

  2. That's awesome that they love you at your second job :) But yeah, you have to take care of yourself too.