Monday, February 1, 2010

Never knock on wood.

Seriously. I was just telling my friends last night at our dinner shower that I hadn't thrown up or been sick to my stomach since new years. Ha. Here I am feeling a little ill now as I write this.

Yesterday was a bad day besides the party. I worked alone at my counter and was experiencing a mad headache (still here...and worse these two days but Ive had it for three weeks now) super dizzy/vertigo like feelings and cramping. I knew my blood pressure was high...I was starting to have some major swelling in my hands and feet but I couldn't get away. Even after sitting at the dinner shower for a few hours, drinking a ton of water I was still swollen (but felt a little better).

I am looking forward to talking with my doc today, as we are in the two week appts phase luckily this one was already scheduled. I'm going to be sure to talk about this and the cramping and one episode of bleeding that has me worried. Either I will get reduction in hours note or talk to him about a bedrest note. My blood pressure always checks out higher than normal for me at my appts, but I don't get it measured after Ive been at work standing all day.

The dinner shower went awesome. It was a coed friends shower filled with conversation and good food! We (well Madelyn) got some diapers and clothes. She is already so loved and it was good to get together in celebration without the shower like festivities (games etc). We truly appreciate all of our friends!

And because I can. Here's a picture of ash working on his "baby do" list. Finishing the downstairs painting before she comes....

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