Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Holy whatta biggin'

We had another ultrasound today. I was half hoping on the way there that the fluid levels would be low, so they'd have to induce me in two weeks rather than let me go over my due date. I know it's awful, but if I had to feel like this for more than 5 more weeks, ash and I would be at wits end and I would be crying all of the time. My mcdreamy hippy doctor with five kids of his own at 35 (his wife is one of those lovers of the pregnancy bug plus they are Mormon) was all about letting me go up to 42 weeks if necessary and I could not for the life of me handle it.

So, little ol Madelyn and her super small bod have gotten ginormous. As in 12 weeks ago she was in the 37th percentile, than 8 weeks ago she was at 56th, 4 weeks ago she was at the 47th and 3lbs 11oz.....now she's a massive 6lbs 5oz and in the 76th percentile. Looks like she's just a late bloomer! That weight of course can be off, but if she goes to 40 weeks, she could be 9 f'ing pounds! Holy large batman.

My mom has been seriously concerned (like enough to call me four seperate times in two days) about them letting me go over due to the single umblical vessel and small chance of stillborn if they bake too long. I promised her I'd ask. The genetic counselor doctor lady didn't have that concern, but because of the size Madelyn is showing, she did indicate there would be NO way the Doctor should let me go past my due date.

At my next appt, the one with the super strep test (yah!) I am sure gonna let him know what she said.

Not that it may matter. My little Braxton hicks are getting more intense, more in the back to front kinda cramps, and she's moved into a very painful head down position. I still predict the 25th of February, let see if I am better at this "mothers intuition" than I was at the gender.
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