Sunday, February 7, 2010


Shoes are a thing of the past now. I am officially swollen from my toes to my knees, plus my hands and my eyes. This is awesome.

My blood pressure is higher but not "high enough" to dictate a phone call to labor and delivery or my doctor. I only know this because during a recent dizzy episode he had mentioned that exact phrase after similar readings.

Agh, 5 more weeks. 3 more working. Jesus.

Starting to have a few contractions an hour, mostly off and on and they never get too strong or too close. I hope this means she's going to come soon, like 17 days from now when she's full term officially. I am just ready to have her. Ash too. He looks at me and just says how he is ready to have this child in his arms... It's sweet.

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  1. You should call anyway, facial swelling can be a sign of preecclampsia and that is nothing to fool with. Call first thing.

  2. I called this morning and as my husband said "shouldn't Have chosen a hippy Mormon doctor" when his recommendation was to put my feet up and drink more water". This after I had slept about 8 hours and still swollen, kept off my feet all day today and still swollen. Oh well.

    Good thing is I thing Madelyn really dropped today and my mini contractions are becoming more painful. I am hoping this all points to a baby coming in a few weeks rather than a month from now.