Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fighting the hippy

So we had another doctors appt, only this one we went with the most recent ultrasound information (larger baby). After telling him about the fetal medicine doctor recommending that we get induced on our due date, he hymned and hahhed about it...saying you can never be sure as it's an estimate. We were a little frustrated. I don't want to try and go past, not with even the slimmest of chances of a stillborn due to the umbilical cord artery. He doesn't understand this. Him and his five perfect babies and five perfect labors to boot don't see a reason to worry.


The toughest part of all for me this last month has been dealing with the short term disability, maternity leave, and paperwork headache. On top of being uber tired and in dull ache like pains, my work requires notice of 30 days from the date of delivery for maternity leave. And all of the other random documents I have to fill out are just as nasty about when you leave. I just want to be at home with my feet up right now, but dammit I don't know when she's coming so I can't take off exactly two weeks before she delivers for the sake of our lose, thanks for trying.


Anyhow, these are my two biggest rants of the day, seems like they could have been seperate posts but I am tired and lazy, now back to work with the crazy "I swear it's a full moon" customers I seem to be magnetic to today.

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