Friday, February 12, 2010

Interested parties

Being pregnant seems to have a full time job attached to it, especially in this last month.

There is a constant borage of questions, antidotes, advice and predictions that I get to deal with every moment of the day. Because I work in retail, in a particularly busy environment, I have to answer to 40 or so different remarks everyday.

Take today for instance...

When are you due? (40 times or so)

What's the actual due date? (I tell people a rough estimate. A month, 6 weeks etc...)

What are you having? It is your first? Are you excited....nervous...tired...(the list goes on)

Oh you are definitely having a....(apparently people are unaware of ultrasounds as I had people say both sexes, only to argue with me when they got it wrong and tell me it was definitely a boy and the ultrasound was soooo wrong so don't be surprised!)

You look....small, gigantic, ready to pop, barely pregnant, good, carrying it well, scary (yes, two mall walking drones refered to me as scary today).

Besides the obvious annoyment of answering the same questions over and over, sometimes it seems that it's almost too much personal information. Not that it would happen to me (knock on wood a few trillion times) but it's a little freaky when someone wants to know all the ins and outs of my pregnancy so they might follow me out to my car and try and rip my baby from me (it sounds retarded and obsessive, but I think about weird stuff).

I am lucky that only a small handful of people I don't know have walked right up to rub on my belly, but the constant questions are almost as bad!

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  1. I don't get any of that, since I am on lockdown. but I would surely punch the first stranger that rubbed me. NO RUBBING.

  2. I imagine if you weren't on lockdown, you'd get the same since you also work in a big box store with lots of awesome customers. Yah, the belly rubs are crazy...I did manage to "Accidentally" swipe someones hand away before they actually touched my belly, that was cool. So I have only been molested a limited number of times. 12 days till we are full term!

  3. OK, I have to say I am one of those folks.. not with you.. I am in TX... lol :)
    But I love to talk to someone that is pregnant and I don't know Just a wonderful thing... So on Behalf of all those folks, and even the stupid ones... I apologized!!!

    (I just love Bellys!!!)

  4. haha - this really cracked me up. i miss you, lovely woman. thinking of you often :)