Friday, February 26, 2010

Hey guess what I have!

Another ultrasound appt, but not for baby...I have to get my kidneys checked out this afternoon after my doctor spotted yet another possible bladder infection yesterday at my normal appt, along with some intense spasms today that sent me straight to his office in tears.

I was checked yesterday and even with all of the falsies, I am as tightly closed as a summer vacation house in winter. Only a 10% chance of delivering this week.

The doc has an idea that all of my cramping could be related to this infection. We talked about maybe doing some antibiotics when he got back test results and sent me packing (sad about the news of false labor).

This morning I went to work a little throwuppy and achy. As soon as I got out of the car, I could barely walk due to some intense back pain that went from the middle of my back to my tailbone. After an hour of tears, I called in and got an emergency appt. I knew it wasn't labor, it felt more like back pain associated with a kidney stone (Ive had a few in my day).

While waiting to go for this ultrasound, the spasms have since gone bye bye, but I am still going to go, and get the antibiotics I was prescribed...Better safe than sorry. If the pain comes back and gets really intense, I have a free pass to go straight to the hospital where they can monitor me and Madelyn.

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