Sunday, February 28, 2010


No water breakage here. Damn full moon giving me false hope. I even slept with the blinds open to try and soak up the moon rays. It didn't work.

I am tired of waking up disappointed to still be pregnant. I know it's wrong, but an extra 50 pounds on my frame really puts a toll on my body. Swollen all over, stretched skin, and a neverending battle with infections/headaches... It's hard to want to stay this way.

Funny thing is I wake up sad Im not in labor pains and during my commute I actually look longingly at the hospital (doubt that happens for most people). I did have a dream I was one of those "pregnant for 40 years" T L C ladies.

So off to work I am heading, to be asked the same "you are still here" questions until Saturday, when I get to say so long to work for at least 10 weeks. I hope my cupcake baby comes at the beginning of this maternity leave so I am not sitting around feeling sorry for myself waiting for her arrival.

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  1. Hey! I love your blog - very moody pregnant lady... hehe :o)) I completely get your disappointment. I was 6 days overdue, and I felt like jumping off a bridge I was so frigging uncomfortable. My bub was born almost 9 pounds, and I still believe that if he had been on time, he would have been closer to 8 - that last week almost killed me!! I had all sorts of things, acupuncture, raspberry leaf tabs, went walking etc until finally, I had a membrane sweep and he was born 2 days later. Good luck with everything - I'm really excited for you! This is such an amazing part of the pregnancy, very exciting, tense, nervous, all of those things that make you crazy while you're going through it, but you miss once it's over. :o)) All the best!! xox

  2. Hi there! Thanks for checking me out. I will say I tend to be more pessimistic and sarcastic in writing then I am in person! I use the blog to vent so I don't become a crazy emotional roller coaster to those around me normally!

    It helps to know someone is listening to my rants and raves!

  3. mirai was 2hours and 24 mins after her due date, but all the people i knew who were pregnant with the same due date had their babies 1-3 weeks early. i know it sucks, but you can do it! you don't want her until she's good and ready to come out. let her enjoy her warm smimming in your tummy just a little longer. she's be here faster than you know it!! and then you're gonna be wishing for some sleep! lol. but knowing you, you probably will be up and wired more than her. haha! you'll be waking her up in the middle of the night to play, cause you're bored vs. her waking you up. haha! i wanna see her!! i'm getting really excited, too!! good luck melissa.