Monday, February 22, 2010

Almost there

Tomorrows the day. She's got one day until she's officially freeloading.

Her movements are crazy painful and damn is she strong. Madelyns head is down tight and the twinges on my cervix send me to my knees! All of the prep work is done, nursery is set, the very last of the needs list will be picked up tonight with our gift cards from the shower over the weekend.

We've got to get the dogs nails done and groceries out of the way today. I wish I could say I would be spending the day laboring with signs of contractions in my mist instead of these super fun duties, but oh well.

I think I might try and find this red raspberry leaf tea and evening primrose oil to help move things along or at least make labor easier when it does finally happen.

3 weeks to go.

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