Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Deed and other ramblings...

Yep, it's done.

One of the most note worthy things you may notice about this blog is that I will take no prisoners and I will most likely overshare to my hearts content. Just an F.Y.I. so you can leave now and never return if that's not what you are in for.

So, onward to too much information!


Ash and I did the sexy times, it was brutal and overly painful, but it's done. I am glad to have done it for his sake, as he was frothing at the mouth due to no sex for two months at that point. It took alot of lube and a little tylen.ol after but it wasn't the tramatic experience I had thunk up in my mind. My ladybits were beaten already, right? I wouldn't say it was the most pain I had endured, no where near childbirth...but it that was a 10 on the pain scale, this was a 5.

Speaking of ladybits. My six week checkup was upon us yesterday. The nurse that I adore has left the practice and I was left with this "mama doesn't know best" bosy version of her. It was not pretty. She reminded me how to lay on the table for a pap smear, like I hadn't been laying on one every damn day it seemed during my pregnancy. I was able to talk with dr. McHippy about the pain I had been experiencing...I left out the sex part, whoops, didn't know that wasn't okay'd yet. What I thought was a bad vericose vein from pushing was actually unhealed scar tissue from my tear which makes me wonder just how big that tear was, considering the pain of the "scar tissue" is nearly front to back. There is absolutely nothing that can be done for it, being allergic to good pain meds is awesome, so I get to suffer for another 6 weeks to 4 months while my ladyparts go back to normal. Yay! for more painful sex! Also found out that one of the stitches was still present...aka no sexy times allowed for another week or two.

I still owe a breastfeeding explanaion post and a bodymorphing post for those of you I know want one...I promise to get to it soon. We are having major computer issues but those should soon be fixed.

Today is my birthday, so far I've broken all of my rules about taking care of yourself first and no chores. Damn, being a mom on your birthday stinks. I've fed Madelyn breakfast in bed and had to do the dishes/trash/laundry morning routine already and it's not even 8am. The closest fun times ahead today are a trip to Targ.et. Ash had to work his first day shift, so it's just me and the little lady all day. Diapers! Drool! Spitup! Poop....all types of Poop! ahead...


  1. Thanks! It's my true 29th birthday. People think I am giving a fake age when I say it. Mainly because I look 24... But also because people just use that age as a fake answer.