Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ahh Finally...

You don't know how good it feels to be completely back to a blog that has no family readers (at least the family I don't want reading this). Finally I can speak my mind without it being thrown back at me.

I am mainly speaking of my sister in law. She's a bit crazy and finds it incredibly exciting to harass the everloving poop out of me when she gets on a rant. Her last rant was the catalyst for me to change blogs. I needed to vent but I had no outlet in which to do so without it biting me in the ass. I had made a joke about the sheer cost of formula "damn it's expensive" I believe on facebo.ok and she posted a comment saying she knew I'd give up and that SOME people are just lazy about breastfeeding. Sweet goodness, I say.

I ended up texting her explaining I thought it was "a little rude" of her to pass judgement and that she didn't know the full on story. I told her about the jaundice and the supplementing, even that I continued to pump/feed until there wasn't enough supply to even express more than .5 oz. But apparently this is the most evil thing I could ever do to my starving baby who is in the 90th percentile for weight and height. She went on a 30 text tirade about how shitty of a mother I was and that I needed to seek help for post partum depression. Apparently I am also "a lowly makeup girl" who will never amount to anything and that Ash should leave me. The list goes on and on and on.

Ahhh Family. Wish you could kill them, but you cant, you gotta smile and grit your teeth.

The final kicker was her saying she didn't want her son (my new nephew) around me for fear I would hurt or kill him. This, my friends, is the crazy.

She is the only person I am aware of who thinks of me in this fashion. I am a great mom, according to Ash and those around me who aren't belittling me via text! I would never harm my nephew, in fact, I love him dearly. And, to be honest, the crazy one isn't me... she also just recently had a child, so I'm pretty sure someone is transferring her own fears onto me in regards to ppd.

Anyhow enough ranting. I have to go be a terrible mother to my child and spoil her rotten with new clothes, all purchased using my terrible no good birthday money meant for me.

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