Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yay for an update

Tears aplenty. So much has happened this last few weeks.

We had a date night alone, leaving maddie with my parents overnight. It wasn't my idea and it was sort of thrown at me outta left field leavig me to say sure when all I wanted to do was run away with my kid in tow. My parents asked in front of tons of family, and I didn't want to come off overbearing. I cried all the way home...but all went okay and things promptly went back to "holding a baby" the next night.

Maddie rolled over...twice. What was great about it was it was in front of ash and I so we were both able to see it. She hasn't repeated it regularly enough to say she's got it down and it wasn't just a fluke.

She's officially sleeping through the night. Usually 7 hours or so. We are trying to introduce her crib to her. Tonight I put her in there to sleep overnight...which means I won't get a wink because I will be doing the breathe test at least five times. I can't wait for her to get her naps in there too, on a schedule, for longer than twenty minutes (if you put her down) average. Some days she sleeps for 3 hour stretches in her playard or swing...but most days it's "I sleep when you hold me".

Ash and I did the deed without birth control (condoms for now) without thinking about it until after. Not that it took us a year to produce her..what's one time? I still haven't gotten my period...when is it supposed to come? I stopped bf two months ago. Shouldn't it be here by now. Am I paranoid enough to go buy a pg test...possibly.

Enough for now. I promise to start posting more regularly seems like no one came over from the old blog so I find it harder to write when i think there isn't an audience.

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