Saturday, May 15, 2010

One for the road or twelve

We have to do a long haul trip with maddie today. Ashs family lives way out yonder, or two and a half hours away. I don't know how she'll do having to sit in the car for that's only been ten minutes and she isn't a happy camper yet. We tried to work it out to be around her nap time..."you are getting very sleepy...sleepy...sleepy". Oops. Hasn't worked yet.

Packing for such an occasion takes effort and planning for a natural disaster scenario full of diapers and extra formula. I think she's got five outfits, 30 diapers, and two full packs of wipes for the road. Dear god, I hope I packed enough formula. Please let there be enough formula. Please.

This week went ok, just ok. I go back to work tomorrow so we (and I mean me) tried to get Madelyn on a "I can fall asleep on my own and be put to bed in a bassinet" routine. Currently, this does not happen. The second she falls asleep (from bouncing or swaying) and you put her down, instant wakeup. This leads to a baby weighted lead object that stays attached to your arm all day. The babysitter would not be thrilled. So I tried the cry it out method alone, and failed, miserably. Ash came home to a tearful, hair pulling wife and immediately sent me to target and starbucks. These are my stressfree zones and he knows it!

I could use some advice on this one, what do I do to get her to enjoy sleeping without being held. Tomorrow is her first full day without ash or I, thankfully with grandma and grandpa, but still. I don't want them to hate watching their grandchild.

No one should hate watching this one.

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