Sunday, May 9, 2010

Moms day 7 weeks in the making

It's strange to be a part of mothers day and not just in the buy something quick and get it to mom before it's too late. I spent this day with a friend also celebrating her first mothers day walking the park and enjoying a lunch in the sun with our babies.

Madelyn is also seven weeks. She is a big girl whose smiles and giggles can tear at your heart, who knows if she cries just right she will get whatever she wants, and a little girl who is becoming easier and easier to just stare at in wonder.

Most days this week were spent playing and cooing. We talked about life, I introduced her to the bjorn and she digs it so much that she can't decode weighed to eat the thing or sleep. I can leave her in the bouncer chair and take my time in the shower, plus put makeup on and pick something to wear before her attention span wears thin. This has been the best week ever, I bet next week will earn that title too!

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