Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Three weeks and then some.

Man o man it's been a week.

We've dealt with food issues, explosive diapers, a baby that slept nearly 22 hours one day and barely 10 hours another!

Madelyn is really starting to change and grow before our eyes. She is holding her head up a little and starting to really focus her eyes on us when we talk to her. She's already out of newborn clothes, but the 0-3 are just a wee bit too big.

We have found a home for pita, that is if craigslist is good to me and the person actually shows tomorrow. It's pretty difficult dealing with a cat that tried to trip me while walking with a newborn down stairs, two dogs that need out, and feeding/changing that newborn while a cat cries at me and gets on the last nerve that is already dangling from lack of sleep and food.

Ah food. That thing I don't get until about 4pm each day. Gotta feed her, put her down for a nap (ha! I mean NOT put her down or she wakes instantly) and then try to take care of the house one handed until ash wakes up around 1pm to help. I forget to eat and then realize I'm dizzy! Gotta start taking care of myself!

And...here Madelyn starts again! Cries from the swing. Today is 20 minute nap day...please don't let this be a normal occurance. Please o please.

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