Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blogery issues

It's time to move the blog. Too many realworld people know the address, and I can't be as honest about my feelings without getting them twisted and slammed back in my face. Thumbs up to you! (not YOU but someone special!)

If you are interested in keeping me company on another webaddress/blogname, please leave a comment with your name and your blog (time to update my whole page including who I follow!)

Any suggestions on a platform to use? Blogger has an iPhone app, but I almost want to require a password so this crap doesn't keep happening. Would you all still read?

My changeover date, projected of course...I do have in my presence a demanding infant, is may 1st. So you all have until then to add your name! I will email all commenters with the new site address!

4week update later, got to change a diaper! Yay for poop!

-- Post From My iPhone


  1. You know I'm coming with!!


  2. Wendy


    Amy x