Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Someone is a month old.

And currently getting crunk off her bottle of formula.

We reached a new octive at the doctors office yesterday....during her hep b shot she screamed a higher pitch then we had ever heard!

Madelyn is also a chunky mcchunkster. She weighed in at 10.5 pounds, 90th percentile. No wonder she doesn't fit the newborn size anymore. The doctor okayed us letting her sleep and not waking her up to feed saying "clearly she's not hurting for meals!". Does this mean more sleep...perhaps! I wasn't thrilled with the new nurse, who told me we'd need to give er tylenol for the shot and responded mama doesn't know best when I mentioned I didn't want to give her meds she didn't need. Pisser off lady. Guess who didn't get painkillers for a SHOT when we got home and didn't make a peep when I tried to poke the area to make sure she was fine...someones got a strong little girl and mama does know best, thanks anyhow.

Major milestones:
Tracking objects
Rolling to her side

Drumroll please...tmi coming!

Not only is it her 1 month anniversary of birth, but mine as well (ash too...I guess!). The pain is still fresh in my mind and I am still swollen in my nethers (seriously, how do people go to work after 2 weeks!). I am hoping it tames down before the 6 week mark. Ash is biting at the chomp and I am scared out of my everloving mind at the sheer thought of sex. If I can't walk around a lake without throbbing, how am I supposed to enjoy the naked time. I need to decide on a birth control option, I was thinking mirena, but I know some people don't like it. Plus we are going to try for a second when she's about 9 months so do we just cross our fingers before that and not worry about bc?

Reminder to all - website is changing! Send me a comment so I know to contact you with the new address. Thanks to those who have already done so! Love ya!

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  1. i have a friend who has the mirena and she loves it but i don't think it's something you should do if you are planning to try again in eight months, it can take 3-6 months just for your cycle to regulate after it's placed, i think it's more of a long term birth control option. i wish i could get it someday but i've had an ectopic pregnancy so i don't qualify, boo.

  2. We ended up just doing the barrier method. Even the doc agrees that mirena isn't the way to go when we are not going to wait that long to try again. His reasoning was actually cost, which is weird for a doctor to actually care about your wallet!