Sunday, April 18, 2010

4 weekers

Or is it a month? Do you count the date (21st) as the "birthdays" for the first year? I am so used to weeks versus months at this point.

Madelyn is growing and growing. We don't know her size as she has her doc appt on tuesday. We've been struggling with her some nights but most nights are great. Friday night was ridiculous. She screamed bloody murder for 6 hours. Ash was a dreamy husband and made me go to bed so he could handle it, by the time my shift came she had fallen asleep from exhaustion. Then Saturday night ash had to work and I was scared how it would go, but she was angelic and peaceful. I had to wake her to feed twice but she quickly went back to sleep after.

She is cooing and smiling. We have yet to capture her giggling in her sleep but she does it often now. It's amazing to watch how strong she is becoming. It's pretty awesome to watch her change everyday.

Reminder to read my first post from today! Blog is changing on may 1st. I will only be telling those who comment here what the new site is. Thanks!

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  1. I love reliving the memories of my kids from your site. Please let me know the new site.

  2. I would love to follow your new site! I hung on your every post before you had Madelyn, and now that you have her, I feel like I almost know you and your adorable little family.

    She's beautiful by the way! :o))

    Amy x

  3. Name is Monica, front a small town in Texas, called Round Rock. I bumped onto your blog, and just wanted to say, as a person trying. it is very cool, learning what might happen these wonderful 9 months... I am so excited for you and Madelyn.. she is so beautiful... would love to read more.. my email is :)

  4. I found you in a LJ community a while ago and I've enjoyed reading your blog ever since. I don't post much on here (I'm a facebook junkie) but I do enjoy reading, so please keep me updated about your new site!