Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A little help required....

I am a defunct color picking momma.

With the paint colors up on the wall, I need to get these wall stickers ordered asap to start being able to fully put the room together. The wall colors are bright, as in a blue/aqua and orange chair rail shown in the picture below. The fabric for the crib quilt and maybe a pillow or two is in primary colors and is ridiculously hard to locate but I think I found a source. As you can see, there are alot of colors to work with. But mainly....I need help deciding on the wall graphic colors.

The large giraffe/turtle graphic I am leaning towards a primary blue color and lime green (kinda like shown). We are also going to have a lion (primary red?), grass (lime?) and a sign pointing to the jungle (yellow?) that both will be on top of the blue/aqua color. I could also introduce a brown if necessary as the furniture is espresso (and the only thing brown in the room at the moment)....

We did just order the crib, after changing from the original option (didn't convert into a full size). The bedding will most likely be all white minky dot material with the only pattern on the blanket itself.

So....what do you all think?


  1. So is the whole wall aqua of just to the orange chair rail, then white above? I don't think you need to introduce any brown other than the furniture. I personally like all the wood in the room to be the same shade of brown. I like the tall giraffe in the colors shown. For the other stuff I would split up with other colors you don't have on the wall. I'd personally add a lot of green, yellow, and red. Another rule of thumb I live by is to have all the bed linen/towels/basics to be solid white. Easy to clean and you can add to it any time with out worrying if it is the same shade, etc. Then I add my accent color by way of paint, pillows, throws, and rugs. You keep the basic stuff neutral and genderless then you'll be able to use if again for the next kiddo. BTW... I love the jungle theme. Very cute. I know I can by the baby a stuffed rhino now and he'll love the room!
    Take care of yourself, and sending happy thoughts your way!
    Melissa M

  2. Yeah it will be chair rail of aqua. The toy box trim will be painted brown to match, then probably a pillow of the quilt fabric. I didn't put the "rocking chair" in the picture, but we are going with the ikea poang chair in white with brown trim. I think I might be crazy but we are doing all white linens (ready to be puked on and etc) and just that one fabric as a blanket. I like your sticker ideas....you guys always have the best decorating skills!