Monday, November 9, 2009

The banning of dr google

Been put on restriction from researching anything baby related that has to do with health issues. The anxiety and stress was killing me.

The baby is moving and kicking, a constant reminder that things are supposed to be okay. We are moving on the positive bandwagon and have another shopping trip planned for tomorrow. Ikea! Yah!

I think my ever popping belly is starting to get ash to think baby, which is good. Sometimes it was easy to forget we were having a baby when I wasn't showing, at least for him. Now, it's super obviously in your face, except those lovely naysayers who comment on how I don't even look pregnant. It's all those beerbongs I apparently have been downing.

We have decided that at the big ultrasound, we are going to go ahead and learn the sex (I may have already mentioned this). Maybe calling the baby by their name will help us, plus it makes my decor craziness a little easier.

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