Monday, November 23, 2009

Pumpkin pie is almost here

I can't wait for thanksgiving. All of the food sounds amazing. I have to eat smaller amounts now more often, I think my stomach is being squished. I even requested a cheesecake from my chef uncle (they are amazing and I really want one!) so I hope he comes through!

We may have a soccer girl on our hands. She is kicking away and even slightly grossed out ash by kicking his hand so hard he jumped. Imagine if he were in my shoes! Madelyn (officially her name now) is awake most of time... Especially when I am not working and moving around. He would have a hard time dealing with all of the karate kid action I feel. He also was able to hear a faint thumping when he put his ear to my stomach. Everyday this baby becomes more real to him.

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