Sunday, January 3, 2010

That update I promised...

Here in good ol week 30.

Swollen legs and ankles, pressure like this little girl is about to fall out, back name it. Super good times.

I hope this baby is amazing so I can forget all of this.

We have our next ultrasound in a week. I think Madelyn is finally packing on the pounds so instead of having her really early, now my focus is can I work all the way up until she's here. The tingley legs and bruised ankles are telling me otherwise, my next doctors appt isn't until week 32 so I have a few more weeks before I can consult our doctor about it.

The nice thing is I've gone from "you are soo tiny..." to "wow, you're really big" in a week. No more "are you eating enough" stupid questions or "you haven't even gotten to the worst part yet."

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