Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So i really meant the day after tomorrow...

Yesterday was a mess. Literally.

Bustahs little neck injury was turning into a big neck injury yesterday morning. He wouldn't go outside for his morning routine but managed to crawl up the couch to lay down next to me while I had breakfast. All was well, but he suddenly got uncomfortable and got off the couch and hopped to a corner. It took me a second to realize he had peed all over me and the couch (and himself). I was pissed (ha!) but also super worried about him. After waking up ash to give him a bath, all 50 pounds of him I can't lift and carry up stairs, I wiped down the leather and cleaned up his oops. Nothing like a little baby practice to start the day.

I spent the rest of the day grocery and target shopping. Target has some crazy baby clearance right now. I picked up a play yard for 60 and finished getting some "necessities" for after. I love going through a checkout with hemmoriod pads and stool softeners. Makes you feel awesome, you should give it a try. I haven't needed these yet, but all of the moms that have been through it say to stock up on these, so I did.

What I didn't buy was baby clothes, good lord this kid won't be able to wear any of her clothes more than twice at this point. The only clothes I have allowed myself to get are 12 plus months, which is cool with me because they start looking more like stylish outfits than costumes at that point!

I can't remember if I talked about the last doctors appt, I think I did...

7 weeks and 1 day to go. Still think and want this baby out early! February 25 sounds good to me...full term for her and not so blimp like for me. I keep looking for signs this will come sooner than later. The maternity leave lady suggested I take two weeks before my due date off, but what happens if the baby is late? It would take away from the 6 weeks after baby I will have. Decisions decisions. Ash only wants me to do 8 weeks, we will have taxes to pay for (crossing fingers this is the last year), tires for the car, and other awesome expenses are keeping us from being comfortable with having more than that.

Although my comment section is back to registered users, I'd love to know whose still reading. Is it worth keeping this up?

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  1. Dont wish her early! Keep her in there as long as she wants to stay put.

  2. Hey! It's definatly worth keeping this blog up. I read it once but then I forgot until, just now so I decided to check up on you guys and little Maddy, haha:)
    Hope you guys are doing good tell Ash I say hi!